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evidence of a chemical attack in syria is found but no proof the government was behind it says the u.n. envoy to the country as western powers readying for a strike. washington says it has enough evidence against assad and waves away comparisons with a look at how the u.s. paved the way for the previous military campaign. also headlining the sectarian violence claims dozens more lives in iraq in a series of bomb attacks in baghdad a look at the ongoing price of u.s. led liberation from saddam hussein. multiculturalism fails a stress test in the united kingdom with anti muslim lobby blocking the expansion of islam calling it incompatible with today's britain.
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over again even if you just joined is just your moscow money kevin now and this is r.t. international the un arab league envoy to syria lakhdar brahimi says there's evidence suggesting that some kind of chemical substance was used in an attack near damascus a week ago but there's no proof that the assad government is responsible for such an assault in itself could be enough for the u.s. and its allies to launch a military offensive against the war torn country despite warnings from russia and the u.n. thomas reports. boxcar bringing me who is the u.n. envoy and of the arab league envoy on the situation in syria spoke in geneva on wednesday saying that any military action in the world should be carried out only
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with the u.n. security council's sanction as stipulated by international law very clear and direct in his message he did say that evidence suggests that some chemical substance was used to killing hundreds in syria but that they did not on the ground examine any proof that shows that it was of the syrian government behind those chemical weapons attacks and of course one thing that has been reiterated time and again is that this team that is in syria from the u.n. there to determine if chemical weapons were used but not assign blame it certainly has been a very busy week in the united states with the meant momentum shifting towards the idea of a military intervention obama has made at least eighty eight phone calls to world leaders about the subject of syria two of those have been to david cameron the prime minister of the u.k. . they he has looked at evidence and he's looked at ways that the military can respond to chuck hagel who is the secretary of defense for the united states has
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said that the military is ready and the pentagon is that ready to react as soon as obama gives the order for some sort of an intervention but jay carney who is the spokesperson for the white house had a press conference and outlined very clearly what the united states position is let's listen to what he had to say the deliberations that are taking place now in the options that are being considered by the president and his national security team are not around the question of whether or not chemical weapons were used in syria on a significant scale causing mass death and injury it is not around the question of whether or not the syrian regime is responsible it's around the question of what is the appropriate response to this clear violation of international norms now the russian side of things there has been a phone call between sergey lavrov the. foreign minister here in russia and john kerry in the united states in that phone conversation that lavrov rejected the position that it was the assad regime pointing to the fact that there is evidence that suggests it could have been the rebels who themselves used chemical weapons in
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the attack he says that the u.s. and other countries should be doing everything that they can to facilitate the u.n. investigation rather than trying to hinder it and push their own agenda he's also alarmed at different nations attempts to destabilize. the peace process and the diplomatic solution and specifically referring to the geneva two talks that were being pushed by the u.s. and by the by the russian government jointly now has also gone on to say that the only solution to the crisis in syria is a diplomatic solution through negotiation and that's where russia stands at this point in time. britain is expected to push for a resolution sanctioning the use of force against syria at the u.n. security council later on wednesday the draft document also puts the blame for the alleged chemical attack on the assad regime earlier britain's national security council agreed that the use of chemical weapons was unacceptable in the world should not stand by laura smith brings us more now on london's possible response.
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prime minister david cameron is making some very carefully weighed statements on the one hand he says no decision has yet been taken whether to get involved but on the other hand he says it's very clear that it is the assad regime that is to blame for using chemical weapons according to him he reckons that he's got clear evidence that it that it was the regime the government used chemical weapons so in response to that he has convened a meeting of the national security council here in london on wednesday following that on thursday and he's will meet in parliament they've been recalled from the summer holiday and they will be given a chance to vote to discuss and to vote on what they think should be done also downing street is saying that the u.s. and the u.k. won't necessarily be balanced by what the u.n. inspectors are saying and also britain's made clear that it would consider going ahead without a u.n. resolution foreign minister william hague says that the use of chemical weapons contravenes international law and its own account say that is reason enough to go
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into syria downing street has confirmed that bush's force is all ramping up in preparation for a possible military strike and in line with that we've heard reports from cyprus which has a u.k. base that's about one hundred miles from the coast of syria so very close ideally positioned people there are saying that war planes and military transporters have started to arrive well interestingly we haven't heard anything from the european union as a whole but for on hold for a reaction of force against the use of chemical weapons and said that the u.n. security council could be bypassed under the circumstances turkey obviously a key regional player agrees with that the rest of the european countries slightly less gung ho about it germany says that intervention is needed if the use of chemical weapons is proven but it isn't going to go ahead without a u.n. mandate similarly italy and norway would be keen to go ahead without a u.n. mandate but in the region the arab league thinks that it was made this attack
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that it's not happy to to intervene in any way but remains to be seen how much this effort can be led by britain the u.s. and france and it looks like it's seriously ramping up. a correspondent in london for the rand is warning that if syria is attacked immediate retribution against israel will follow and the israeli government is reportedly on of the limited call up of reservists to face a potential strike as from moscow's position political analyst to be true babbage tells us that the no military response to foreign intervention in syria russia has already made it clear that it's not going to stop the western intervention military where north in one thousand and sixty seven when russia stopped they israeli offensive against syria by a threat of use of force by pressure certainly would try to stop the intervention diplomatically and i would say morally because it's quite clear to anyone watching
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even western television that the western leaders are more completely sincere. in their statements about these chemical attack the british prime minister or john kerry don't sound very convincing when they see that they were so devastated by these pictures or boys and children in fact television included western television has been showing pictures of children killed or maimed by western interventions for years and these people were never devastated by these images so it's a kind of selective empathy that is not very convincing. washington in london's push for military interventions taken its toll on the financial world the threats of spurred the oil and gold prices one investors have rushed to pull their money from stock markets artie's kitty pilgrim looks at the rhetoric's effect to the world economy. bombs they aren't falling yet on syria global financial damage
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is already being done gold is what people usually turn to in these uncertain times that russia is very much being felt in earnest hey we got the billion up forty dollars an ounce just over the last two days alone oil prices are surging to their highest level since twenty eleven that's over concerns that are american and british an attack on syria will bring about a serious consequences and threaten global surprise now the middle east as a whole accounts for over a third of all oil production and holds even more reserves leading bank associate general has said the u.s. led attack on syria could see the price of oil spiked to a hundred and fifty dollars per barrel such a level could have a disastrous impact on the global economy already challenged by storing grow that and ongoing recessions as well our sanctions have also severely restricted or like
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spots from syria already so the economic situation there could get even worse as the violence continues our stock markets are witnessing a sell off were correct the markets in the middle east leading the cash exodus neighboring turkey has also taken an economic beating us stocks plunge the reefer send even more worryingly this is all happening before the attack has even gone so most likely more bad news if it doesn't go ahead. so this time washington claims it's sure assad has crossed that red line it's been talking for so long that it has undeniable evidence the syrian regime was behind the chemical attack but ten years ago it also claimed it had evidence saddam hussein was hiding weapons of mass destruction in iraq though that later turned out to be false not is going to count looks at the means the white house has been using to pave the way for its military interventions. before every thing to mention in the last fifteen years it was the
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hype of life with information and discrepancies but every time washington would present its case for war as the ultimate truth leading people to believe that waging war was the only way to peace as the u.s. is preparing an attack on syria striking similarities can be found in how washington makes its case for intervention material i will present you comes from a variety of sources some are u.s. sources and some of those of other countries we have additional information about this attack and that information is being compiled and reviewed together with our partners and we will provide that information in the days ahead some of the sources are technical such as intercepted telephone conversations and photos taken by satellites what have we learned about the actual proof the white house claims it has on syria's use of chemical weapons it will for u.s. official is telling me that this intelligence assessment contains forensic evidence
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that actual chemical attack took place as well as some intercepted communications among syrian forces that suggest the regime was responsible a separate sources also telling c.n.n.'s john king that the report contains some satellite images of activity at potentially chemical weapons depots back in two thousand and three in the run up to the iraq war the media also diligently repeated what the white house said we know that iraq and al qaeda have had high level contacts that go back a decade we've learned that iraq has trained al qaeda members in bomb making. and poisonous. and deadly gases before the u.s. step came washington's claims that the government which was about to be attacked did not cooperate thus this crediting any u.n. investigation that was underway saddam hussein and his regime are busy doing. we possibly can to ensure that structures of. finding absolutely nothing.
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well they found nothing because there was nothing but it was an argument that couldn't be heard through the deafening sound of war drums iraq is not the only example when the us effectively rendered a diplomatic solution obsolete the serbian leaders on the other hand refused even to discuss key elements of the peace agreement before the us started a two month long bombing campaign of the former yugoslavia the us love government had accepted proposals for the near independence of kosovo within the republic of serbia as well as an international peacekeeping force in kosovo but the agreement that nato put forward had a clause that they could not accept in the words of former secretary of state henry kissinger the text which called in serbia to admit need to troops throughout yugoslavia was a provocation an excuse to start bombing runway is not
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a document that an angelic serb could have accepted years later we see diplomacy brushed off again in syria even as the un team is working on the ground at every turn the syrian regime has failed to cooperate with the un investigation washington has bypassed the u.n. both in the case of the former yugoslavia and that of iraq in libya the us and its allies have effectively carried out a regime change although the un mandate was to protect civilians we came we saw he died. because we acted quickly a humanitarian catastrophe has been avoided but for many libyans a humanitarian catastrophe has just started as the nation plunges deeper into chaos and tear like in iraq where the intervention was followed by a decade of terror for those wondering what awaits american politicians found to have light no weapons over there. should be under here.
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to check on r.t. washington d.c. . well we get some insight into what a military intervention into syria could maybe bring when we're joined by a former british naval officer in just a couple of minutes here on out. wealthy british style. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global
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economy is a report on our choose your language to. make it without. the consent you. choose to give to. choose the stories to. choose access to. is sixty minutes past eight i have more with r.t. top story than the u.k. in the united states contemplating a military response to the use of chemical weapons in syria let's discuss how intervention could maybe unfold and talk to a former senior british naval officer rear admiral chris parry like to say he's on the line from southampton. for british army chief general lord done it now also
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lord west the former first say a lot of warned against strikes on syria. do you share their caution. yes i do i think we have a fundamental problem here of just missy and i think unless we go to the united nations and put the case that syria and its regime has used chemical weapons then we really need to think very wisely about who we take with us the attitudes of russia the attitudes of china because this is a very serious situation we're thinking of going to war with a country and we need to have absolute evidence that the pretext for that is justified how is prime minister cameron going to present this to parliament tomorrow do you think. i would hope the prime minister is going to go to polly meant he's going to say to them here is the evidence that we took to the united nations here of the efforts that we have made to get russia who in the past the supported assad together and if we cannot get agreement on how we can do
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this in the united nations we're going to have to work with our allies to convince the regime that he must stop doing these things doesn't seem to be as light at the moment of oh yes there's no decisions being taken you can get the feeling that he's hell bent on going in there is that your feeling as well or not i think this is a very difficult decision to make i think given the rhetoric that has taken place about what would happen if this red line was crossed with chemical weapons there is considerable momentum and if you don't deliver on that momentum of course it's politically very damaging so i think what they're thinking about now is the best way to move forward on the political diplomatic and military front at the same time keeping in reserve of course the military option in case the assad regime doesn't come to terms and in the light of chemical weapons having been used in contravention of the chemical weapons convention of nine hundred ninety two if there is an intervention how do you think it would play out. i think that the
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options for intervention probably relate to long range and remote missile firing by cruise missiles and aircraft launch missiles they'll go against selected targets probably related to the military and to the way in which the regime is defending itself against the rebels what i hope will happen is that it will have defined limits it won't lead to a wider campaign and actually will have a purpose we have to say to ourselves what is the purpose of military intervention it is simply just to wrap president assad over the knuckles then it won't have any use whatsoever do you think it is like throwing him so you think david cameron has got that purpose in mind you think he's got that focused plan i would hope that the prime minister and the president united states have a plan in mind that will bring a speedy end to this conflict so that no more people are killed and that we have
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stability in the region that is the minimum we should expect in terms of the context for when for which military intervention is you what's the worst case the. worst case scenario is the military force is used it doesn't have any effect on the situation whatsoever and we have an escalation both within the country and within the region i think in nineteen fourteen in sarajevo everybody knew who who assassinated the archduke franz ferdinand and look what fell out from that i'm afraid once the military are misused in these circumstances politicians tend to lose control of the situation and they then spend the next few years catching up what could the possible response being from syria the syrian regime as far as as a fight backs concerned do you think. well if. our sense of all they will simply take whatever retaliation is coming in and not retaliate further
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themselves if they seek to widen the campaign that really opens them up to phase two of a campaign which will be significantly more heavy and i suspect will lead to the end of the regime chris parry thanks for your thoughts live from southampton the united kingdom the appreciated. writers focus on iraq now still suffering of course from a spiral of violence and terrorist attacks that continues to claim thousands of lives every year on wednesday as soon as a coordinated bomb attacks in the country's capital killed more than seventy people and left dozens injured restaurants markets in car parks and predominately shirt areas were targeted by the attackers violence in the country but on the rise since the start of the year with the sunni minority protesting against the shiite led government let's take a look in fact at the tragic sectarian strife and how it pans out on the news wall here twenty ten soar over four thousand people killed while the elections came with no clear winner you may recall leaving the country with no leadership slight increase in twenty eleven with the u.s. troops pulling out of iraq by the end of the year then comes the over the next
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twelve months with sectarian violence sparking fears of a possibility of full scale civil war but this year the religiously driven attacks between shia and sunni skyrocketed further still growing up there claiming almost five thousand lives in just eight months with july being the deadliest month since two thousand and eight. counterterrorism forces the united kingdom and looking to a series of c.d.'s feature important graphic and abusive images insulting the prophet muhammad that have been sent says several london mosques the incident adds up to a wave of offensive acts towards british muslims by parts of society desperate to keep the u.k. islam free artist test for a seller finds out what it takes to strike a balance. my name is gavin baby and i'm the lawyer behind you and freedom foundation we start. that is we help local neighborhoods resist planning applications for mosques and we went that's now sixteen wins out of
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eighteen cases a controversial member somewhere further to the mosque buster objections raised by locals pertaining to mosques include traffic congestion on the part general noise and disturbance which does concern people on the first one was the last. resort of the city all of which are legal objections but he says his motivation is deeper than that islamic doctrine there's a wrong doctrine now exactly it's called free to ring for sure if a catholic church was passing death sentences if a synagogue was to commit acts of war would immediately that has to be stopped when you have a man who he soon ideologically opposed knows little about these numbers face even if what he's suggesting that he doesn't give credence to some of those views really but the gruesome murder of a british soldier by self-confessed islamic fanatics fueled anti muslim sentiment on the muslim myself and. speaking to muslims across sprint and across
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london where people are feeling vulnerable because the they do feel as if the muslim community is being picked on we have had instances where a local mosque had source and she's thrown into it last year after a decade of dispute the new and council rejected an application for a so-called mega mosque the site of which is just down the road over here it would have accommodated up to ten thousand worshippers the group that had campaigned against it called themselves mega mosque no thanks and some muslim groups have also opposed a project but beyond just the construction of mosques the polarized opinions put the spotlight once again on why. this is happening in the first place the polarization of opinion that we see i think is poor to tea with a failure within multiculturalism most simply become the symbol i think for this
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great things on the table as we said you gov poll compared answers given by respondents in event by two thousand and twelve and may two thousand and thirteen and showed an increase in the number of people who agree that there will be a clash of civilizations between british muslims and native white britons in recent times a growing number of voices have stated that multiculturalism has failed as a concept which is a controversial way to put it but what's certain ignoring this issue both make a clash of cultures and less likely just or so you are to me. now saying look couple of stories online dot com therefore you have breathtaking high speed aerobatics and believable stunts in the skies near moscow some of the world's best pilots and study of a craft are being put through their paces near the russian capital is one of the largest shows in the world kicks off we've got great pictures that for all the details and these are catching images of the event but also to this is something maybe to think about social network users be where it appears some credit agencies
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may now be checking out the logo history of people you're close to on facebook before then deciding whether to lend you money we've got more details about that online dot com. great programs lined up for you tonight as well next millions of people living in the united states are about to fall foul of tough immigration reforms of the martins got the details on that just ahead i'll see you again with more news hopefully in about half an hour's time if you can join me. much. he's blind. but he sees things that sighted people don't notice. he's
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deaf. but he hears things that most people never do they call him disabled but he's the world's first deaf and blind doctor of science. professor at xander savor of. the great life lived against the odds. look right the same. search tree. and i think the church. on our reporters there. instrumental. in the lives.
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you live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how fabulous i had luck i got so many i mean the towns that i've seen the teams really messed up. in the old story so personally. it's. the worst for the little things like how to give a. regular guy a minute. i want closure of a good because you've never seen anything like this i'm told. so let me go do you know sawyer again martin and the newness of breaking the set so they thousands of people mobilize for a massive rally on capitol hill and a lobbying day designed to urge congress to act now on comprehensive immigration
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reform all signs right now point to an agreement in the senate that could overhaul our immigration system is the right of pathway to citizenship for the eleven million undocumented immigrants currently living in this country an agreement in congress today would mean the world to millions of people who call this country home and a renewed commitment to the values of a nation i was born on the shoulders of immigrants now the time to break the set. i so if you've been watching the corporate media this week you might have caught the latest international scandal developing breaking news story with grave implications that could be in violation of international law check out. daisy under fire right now sony pictures of the superstar couple marking their fifth wedding.


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